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Yowakute Katemasu ep4

At the very start I had a feeling of affinity with this series. Jotoku's baseball club sort of mirrors my alma mater's basketball club (UP Maroons), both taking pride in academic accomplishments but sorely failing in the sport that they want to excel in. Somebody should create a basketball version so we can take notes! haha!

Somehow I feel that this is a pivotal episode for Yowakute Katemasu, mainly because I think it has gotten the hang of being a lighthearted "ensemble series". Previous eps were spent establishing specific characters but here, everyone was involved and the moments of silliness and fun were fairly spread throughout the group. I love that we're getting to know them outside of their baseball uniforms and seeing the different quirks and habits and unique qualities of each. We're also getting a feel of the school, and I'm reminded a bit of how it was in High School/College, come exam week. Those were fun albeit grueling days. I also love the analogy that they had with fielding-batting/humanities-science. Leave it to a cerebral school to make those kinds of associations and relate it somehow to practice.


All in all a good ep, right off the bat: from the crazy narration opening by the journalist Riko-san chasing after the boys, to everyone's return to the field at the end, anticipating an upcoming match. Aoshi-kun had moments with everyone, with Riko-san, with his archenemy Kentaro, and of course with the whole Jotoku team. It's the usual 45 minutes but it felt like a lot has happened and most of it was fun. Looking forward to the next eps! :)
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