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I just watched episode 8 of atashinchi no danshi and i think it's the best one so far. made me laugh, made me cry, made me all warm and fuzzy inside. here are some spoilerish scenes i couldn't resist but capture. (can you feel the love tension?).

in other news (and somewhat more of mukai osamu), one of my favorite animes, futatsu no spica, is being made into a drama. I like the person who's going to play shinnosuke: daito shunsuke, sano's little brother in hana kimi and the gangster dude guest in love shuffle as seen below).

there's something very oguri shun-ish about him (i like!). i think it's about time he gets to be the lead in a drama. I'm still wondering what role mukai osamu will be playing. I'm hoping he will be lion-san. Takehito Koyasu lent the voice for lion-san in the anime and made me cry more times than I'd care to remember.

Tags: drama, futatsu no spica, mukai osamu
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