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It's fascinating how the brain works. How does memory get stored? When do we know when to retrieve it? Can we somehow gain control over its retrieval at all? Is everything that we've seen, experienced, dreamed, imagined, read, written actually stored in our brain? What is the key to it's retrieval?

All these questions are now racing in my head because of this one peculiar incident that happened lately. There was a colleague from another company who had a query which I didn't have the answer to. I recommended that he might can consult one of my friends in the office who had better handle on the possible answer since he's more familiar with the system. I promised to give him the number through text so he can contact him. After hanging up, I completely forgot about that promise since other urgent concerns were raised before me. This happened last March 22. Fast forward to April 3, after I woke up, I did some ironing, and suddenly I remembered about the text that I didn't get to send! Out of the blue, without any external trigger remotely related to that activity. I just suddenly remembered it. Of course I texted "sorry" to my colleague who probably found that insanely weird.
But I couldn't let it go. I couldn't bear the thought of me just being nonchalant about not keeping my word. So had to say sorry. Doesn't matter if he thinks me weird. That could be me:weird. But I'm not the type who just says things left and right, makes promises but really doesn't care. I don't want to be that person. That's not me.
Anyway, enough about the psychology part of that. But I just found it really weird and fascinating at the same time. So it seems that the "to do" part was stored somewhere in my head, didn't get retrieved at the proper time (immediately after I disconnected the call) but was still there and can be retrieved any time, even without any related triggers. Maybe everything we're told or heard or know is already there in our brains, question is, how do we get it, and systematically get it, and get it in such a way that it'll be useful for our everyday life. I mean, what happened was so random. I didn't even needed that information at that specific moment, but I was able to remember.
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