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Review Yakou Kanransha

It has been ages (again) since I've posted anything here. Marathoned (just made the word up) the last 5 eps of Yakou Kanransha today. It goes without saying that it was a tear fest! Anything that has family drama in it can transform me into a puddle of tears. This one goes beyond that even, with a murder mystery mixed in. Lots of issues tackled: friendship, bullying, pursuit of dreams, living in the past (or imagined present), becoming adults and parents, and the ordinariness of violence (or various hurts - physical or otherwise) that can happen in the confines of our homes, behind closed doors. I agree with the portrayal, we may think that violence or murder can only happen to other people or other families - one character said it best: "I used to think that murder was based on having reason or not. But the truth is, it's more about having someone stop you or not". We all have potential in ourselves to hurt others, I agree with that. We just have varying degrees of control or ways to stop ourselves or else we surround ourselves with people who can stop us. We ground ourselves with whatever we can so as not to lose it when we are faced with whatever ugly thing it is that can rise up from our hearts: jealousy, self pity, myopia, the wish to run away from everything. It can be with our beliefs, our values or by effectively communicating with the people around us.
*Sigh* This drama can really turn you introspecting. Some great acting from the cast. I love that in one moment you hate one character to pieces, and the next you are wanting to pat his/her back in compassion. I hated all the shouting however (mostly done by the kids who get out of control) but that in itself made for an effective story telling - there's really no way one can make a tantrum or a rebellious episode palatable or easy to take. In reality it is annoying and noisy, so that was as it should be. Most of the actors made it so that we can empathize with whatever they are going through. Initially watched this because it has Yasuda Shota in it, and he was great. First few eps seemed like he was a really minor supporting role but his character got more involved and intense as the story unfolded. The Mom - Endo Mayumi (Suzuki Kyoka) was brilliant in this.

Do watch it if you can spare time and a box of tissues.
3.5 out of 5
(deducted a .5 because in all honesty I want to laugh and forget worrying stuff when I watch a series :P)
Tags: dorama, drama, review, yasu
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