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drama meme

how many hours of drama watching have you clocked in?

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happy new year! my first post for the year and hopefully i can get off my lazy ass and update more often than i had in the past year. (yeah, yeah, i know new year's resolutions more often gets broken rather than fulfilled, but one can still aspire to do it, right?! XP)

caught tenchijin (NHK taiga drama) last night, well, morning actually. seems really interesting. apparently oguri shun, masami, fukakyon, shirota yuu, aibu saki, and a lot of well known actors are in it... and of course tsumabuki satoshi top bills the series.
these dramas usually starts out from the very beginning, as the protagonist was growing up and all that, but there was a sort of a preview before the whole story unfolded and tsumabuki, playing the lead character naoe kanetsugu, looked really cute in period costume, he was all smiles ^_^. shun, on the other hand, playing a samurai who was probably a sengoku commander looked serious and pensive.
anyway, after that preview, the drama started out, true enough, with satoshi's character as a little boy of about 7 or so. he was awestruck and amazed when he saw the imposing uesugi kenshin in action. abe hiroshi who plays kenshin looked the part, oozing with the coolness of his character. i think i've never watched abe onscreen before without breaking into a grin or a laugh since i always see him as the funny boke character. this time his character is about as serious as they can get and instead of smiling, i had a thought balloon that had "eeeh?! kakkoii!" written all over it. the young naoe even took home the arrow that kenshin's blade had deflected in a previous scene.
as taiga dramas go .. it looked as if it's going to be really long and i was getting sleepy so i left it hanging hoping to catch the reruns sometime later in the week.
so anyway... yes, it looks promising and i hope some group takes this up and release subs.


thoughts on arashi - kaze no mukou e

kaze no mukou e
(beyond the wind)

the song opens up with guitar strumming and drums then nino started singing and the rest of the guys joined in. the guitar beat, strangely enough, reminds me of a faster version of vertical horizon's intro in "send it up".

it's such an upbeat and fun song, a certified picker-upper. like most of my fave arashi songs i think this would get a lot of air time on my ipod when i'm feeling kind of out of it or having a gloomy day. i mean who can stay down when the guys are singing ("kaze no mukou e, tabi wa tsuzuite yuku...")?

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this is tennis!

federer vs nadal in wimbledon: it was worth staying up for. it was history unfolding.
i think they both grew beards during the match. it was that long! with two rain delays and one set taking up as much as an hour it was a long road for the victor. nadal had to work for every point but so did federer (which was unusual for him). the two men used up their challenges to make sure none of the shots were wasted, more so during tie-breaks. the weather added to the level of difficulty that the players had to face. nadal had at least two good shots that went out, the ball making a detour because of the strong wind. i guess both the players were troubled with the weather.

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i'm putting up pics of my favorite 47 DVD behind the scenes moment here just so i'd have it up somewhere (part 2 of the last half) :

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i'm putting in pics of my favorite 47 DVD behind the scenes moment here just so i'd have it up somewhere (and i'll be starting with the last half) :

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itsuka mata

so i've been reviewing the 47 making videos and i heard the ending collage song - itsuka mata, different from the one i've heard before (the acoustic one from the Gachinko Session) it was so pretty, i love it! the first part really showcased maru's voice .. and yes it was beautiful.. and so were the rest.
anyway it prompted me to attempt another translation. i find that i can remember the lyrics better that way and it's good practice  -_^

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the little girl next door (who's cute and shy but has a really loud voice and often surprisingly thinks like a grown up) keeps on repeating: "wag muna kayo matulog!" [don't sleep yet!] like a mantra.
a bit annoying but i can't help but rememember when i was a kid, i'd do that too. everytime my parents and brother would take a siesta [mid afternoon nap] i also asked them not to. i couldn't sleep at such an odd hour and i always feel like they're leaving me when they go to sleep.

heavenly psycho

at last! i'm posting my translation of heavenly psycho i hope i don't get bricked for this hee hee.

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oh! the things that get cut...

ok. so when i watched 11.28.07's janiben (comedienne, nishioka sumiko as guest)i had a lot of questions like:
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